Please Offer Me A Seat

I’m really pleased to learn that Transport For London (TFL) have introduced a new badge for disabled passengers. A new trial will offer disabled passengers and those with hidden conditions, illnesses and injuries a blue badge to alert other passengers of their need for a seat on public transport.

I’ve had many discussions on this topic over the years with friends, it feels awkward to have to ask, a and i’d rather wear a badge similar to the ‘baby on board’ badges for pregnant women than have to try to explain myself to a total stranger on a overcrowded tube carriage.

I have been accepted onto the initial trial and can start wearing my badge. I’ll then have to report back about my experiences. I hope that this will make rush hour travel much easier and TFL will roll this out on a permanent basis. Sometimes feel judged by others if i am in a priority seat and don’t offer up my seat to another person who looks like they need it more than I do. Short of saying ‘I have cancer mate’ this is a good alternative.

I’ve recently found out the the badge is being rolled out next year. More information about can be found here.

3 thoughts on “Please Offer Me A Seat

  1. […] I’ve recently learnt that the blue Transport for London ‘Please Offer Me A Seat’ badges are to be rolled out on a permanent basis. I took part in the initial trial of the badges with TFL towards the end of last year.  I found it to be helpful, however I think the general public need to be made more aware of the scheme in order to make it a success. Before the badge was introduced one of my friends actually wrote to TFL about this, so it’s good to know the public are being listened to. I hope this will make a real difference to people with invisible health conditions, myself included. My original blog post about the trial can be found here. […]


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