The Drugs Do Work

Today I received some fantastic news. After five cycles of Pembrolizumab it appears the drug is having an effect and the cancer in my bowel and pelvis has reduced. The drugs do work! Hallelujah!

I had another PET CT scan on Thursday last week and luckily the scan was read in time for my appointment this morning. Although I had a vague feeling I’d receive some positive news (it’s about time after all), I didn’t want to get my hopes up for fear they would be dashed. Over the past few weeks I haven’t been in anywhere near as much pain as I was prior to my most recent bowel surgery. However, one can never be too sure. I’m so pleased about the result, it’s difficult to articulate exactly how much it means to me to know my body is fighting back. I feel like it will allow me to relax a little and enjoy the next few months without a dark cloud of fear hanging over me.

During my consultation the Dr I saw (not my usual Oncologist, which is always a good sign) carefully went through the report with me and compared it to the previous one from June. Although I was uable to see the scan due to a technical glitch his explanation really put my mind at ease. He hopes I’ll be in the 10% of patients who have a long term response rate to pembrolizumab. I guess only time will tell, but for now I’m more than happy with that.

I feel like I need to do something else to raise awareness of this awful disease. Watch this space!

10 thoughts on “The Drugs Do Work

  1. You brave woman! So important to raise awareness and thank you for sharing your story. Sending healing vibes to you ❤️ Will keep you in my thoughts xx


  2. Hi Jo, I’ve found your blog as a friend of mine shared the link on Facebook. I think it’s wonderful you are documenting your journey and some of things you’ve achieved such as commitments to work/running a half marathon are incredible.
    The reason I’m writing is because I’m a health/fitness/food blogger from Northampton and a dear friend of mine run’s a small Northampton Based Charity called ‘The Lewis Foundation’, which is supporting local cancer patients.
    We are always attending events and trying to spread the word, if you want to join in on a future event or any help promoting your blog and sharing awareness of your illness, please let me know. xxx


  3. Hi,
    My sister shared your blog on facebook so thought I’d have a read as my brother and sister have both spoken about you before.

    In one word…WOW!

    I’ve just sat here and read all your blogs – I laughed out loud and cried! You’re truly incredible with the things you have to deal with on a daily basis. I can’t actually believe through all of that you managed to run a half marathon!!

    I hope your blog helps not only you but others that are having to experience what you’re going through.

    So pleased that something positive has come out of your most recent treatment.

    Katherine xx


  4. Jo!!! One I miss you so much. Two you are so amazing. Thank you for sharing your story– I know it will not only help those not suffering from cancer to process this unfathomable situation but also help those who are affected to know they are not alone.

    I love you!


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