Freedom On Four Wheels 

This weekend I took my lovely new car out on various trips in and around Northamptonshire, thumbs up to my Mum for the best early Christmas present ever! It’s only second to the barbie house my Dad once made for my sister and I many years ago. You’d have to have seen it to know how incredible it was. 

It’s great to be able to get around more easily  when going home for long weekends prior to my oncology appointments. I feel like I have gained much for independence and freedom with my new wheels.

Driving has been an huge issue for me over the past few years. When I was first diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2010 my licence was revoked by the DVLA and I was told I wasn’t allowed to drive for two years, and it then took over six months to get my licence reinstated, so having my own car feels like an important step forward on my cancer journey (awful phrase I know!)

I’m planning a few more road trips around Christmas time. I might not be able to fly to anywhere I want in the world, but England is now my oyster!

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