Running And Raising Funds

A few days ago I signed my Dad, siblings and I up to the Cancer Research London Winter Run.The 10k race takes place around London (hence the title) on Sunday 5 February 2017. I feel like I need a goal to get me motivated again, and its also a great way to raise money for an amazing cause at the same time. Ideally it would be amazing if it gave me the pus to start exercising properly again.

I hadn’t heard of this 10k before, but wanted to find something in early 2017. As much as a tough mudder might sound a little tempted, I know I am kidding myself if i think I’d be able to complete the challenge. I’d admire anyone who has done one before, but the possibility of getting an electric shock during one of the race elements really puts me off. The Winter 10k looks like it could be a lot of fun, who doesn’t like a bit of fake snow and polar bears. Last year the route began at Trafalgar Square, and then past landmarks such as Somerset House, Guildhall Yard and St Paul’s Cathedral so if anything it’ll be a nice sight seeing tour.

I’m looking forward to participating as a family, between us we’ve done various half marathons and head shaves but nothing all together. I also have a group of friends from work who are joining out team, which is amazing! Teamwork makes the dream work after all! Overwhelmed by the support so far.

I haven’t tried to run since I ran a half marathon in October 2015, a lot has changed since then health wise, but I think I could manage a 10k. I don’t think i’ll be able to run the whole way, but I don’t mind as long as I finish. I’ve never trained for anything over Winter but according to the Winter Run website running in at this time of year is actually easier on the body! More information on the reasons why can be found here.

I’ve set up a family Just Giving site. Our plan as it stands is to raise £800. Currently we are half way there! It might not seem like much in terms of treatment costs, but every little helps! I should put my apron on and get ready for a bake sale or two in the new year.

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