The Benefits Of Blogging

I’ve never been much of a writer, or a reader for that matter. At school I wasn’t particularly academic and had to work really hard for my good grades. Over the last few months I have found writing and blogging has really helped me, not only is it a great to update people on what is happening without feeling like I have to repeat myself, but some of my friends have also said it’s helped to give them a better understanding of my situation.

I guess often bloggers really enjoy writing, I wouldn’t say I’m a natural, but I am finding it easier as time goes on, and hope to keep the blog going as long as I have enough interesting things to say. Having said that, If I was asked to read my writing in front of an audience, I would hate it, but if I was asked to write my thoughts for the same group, then I think it wouldn’t be an issue. I’m finding it a great outlet for my feelings.

Writing is now very therapeutic, and enables me to think more clearly and process my feelings more easily. As I write I’ve been feeling less anxious because I’ve been getting things off my chest. Just seeing my thoughts and feelings written down somehow validates them. My post My Greatest Fears has been the most difficult one to write so far.

Through blogging I have accomplished something, I am surviving and I am letting people know that I’m still here.
The down side of writing, for me, is I often wake up the night thinking about my next post. Occasionally I get good ideas and I probably should write them down immediately, but I struggle to sleep as it is, so I just try to remember and write them down when I get up. An uninterrupted night’s sleep is hard enough to come by lately.

Six years ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of creating something so public, it took me about 5 and a half years to even contemplate the idea of creating a blog about my journey. Through this, I have found that there are young people like me going through similar situations, just reading other stories has made me feel less isolated, and other opportunities have come up as a result. I ran the 10k London Winter Run for Cancer Research UK a couple of weeks ago with family and friends, and through my blog had the opportunity the stand on the podium at the start of the race, sharing my story with others in a very public way.

Since making my blog public last October it’s been viewed over 10,000 times! My writing has been read all over the world in more countries than I’ve managed to visit in my life. People have read my story in countries such as Albania, Iceland, Taiwan, Indian, Columbia and the Carribean. The power of the internet is incredible! Thank you to all those who’ve read and shared my story so far, I really appreciate it.

6 thoughts on “The Benefits Of Blogging

  1. I totally understand the benefits of blogging, although my story is so different from yours I feel the same about ‘getting things of my chest’ I’m not very good at talking about things, so having a blog for loved ones to see into my thoughts has helped too. Keep on blogging and keep on smiling x


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