Not An Average Morning 

This week has undoubtedly been one of the strangest weeks of my life. I began with treatment in hospital, part of my normal routine. Tuesday was followed by a live interview on This Morning on ITV with none other than Holly and Phil, and a double show day at the theatre. The BBC docoumentaty I participated in, A Time To Live aired on Wednesday evening on BBC2. I flew to Prague on Wednesday morning to visit friends prior to the film going out, so all in all it’s been a bit of a whirlwind. 

After filming my interviews for A Time To Live last October I put all thoughts about it on the back burner, and they only resurfaced a couple of weeks ago when the air date was confirmed. In a way I’m glad that I was out of the country, as I might have found if difficult watching with others. My section features cameo appearances from both my work colleagues and school friends, but I’m glad I watched it on my own, seeing the whole thing come together felt like a really big accomplishment.

I was lucky enough to be asked by the BBC press office if I’d be interesting in taking part in an interview on the This Morning sofa with Holly and Phil with Annabel, another participant from the documentary. Certainly not an average Tuesday morning activity! 

It’s true, the prestenters are lovely in real life and made me feel at ease despite my nerves. I can’t believe I actually went on live television, I was panicking I would get tounge tied and say something wrong. One of my friends joked that I should make sure I let the presenters get a word in! I can talk a lot but I don’t think television interviews come naturally, this is why I am not a performer after all. It could be that,  or maybe it’s the lack of talent. 

Having been to TV studios before for work it’s something I’m familiar with but I’m always impressed with the organisation of everyone to keep things running so seamlessly. Usually I am the person arranging interviews for others rather than being interviewed myself, so I’ve experienced the other side of the PR industry. It was a nice treat to get my makeup done before my big moment, I wouldn’t mind that more often. 

Sue Bourne from Wellpark Productions and her whole team have created a beautiful film about living on borrowed time and I am really proud to have been a part of it. The reception has been great, people have sent some really lovely tweets and messages which is surreal but also amazing to know that it’s had an impact on others. It seems a lot of people have found comfort and positivity in watching it. I know if I wasn’t part of it, the film would be the type of documentary I’d watch. 

If you missed it, A Time To Live is now available to watch on BBC iplayer in the U.K. 

8 thoughts on “Not An Average Morning 

  1. I watched the wonderful documentary today that you featured in and was so moved by your words. I am a little older than you and try really hard to live life to the full everyday and watching you just inspired me so much. I am so pleased I found that you have a blog as I wanted to say thank you.
    Thank you for sharing your feelings, you will have inspired so many people in such a special way.


  2. Hey Jolene,

    Is there some other way to watch ‘A Time to Live’, because BBC is being a dick about the fact that i’m residing in Holland. Also, stay strong and positive and i think you’re cute.

    Best wishes,



      • Hey Jolene,

        I was able to watch it by downloading the Hola webextension, but Hola isn’t exactly a very safe way to circumvent geo-blocking, so i deleted it right after i watched the film. OT: i saw beautiful people with beautiful minds and it really moved me. Keep on doing what you’re doing.

        Kind regards from overseas

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  3. Thus was amazing Jolene. A great piece of TV and surprisingly positive and life affirming. You made my husband and I giggle during your interviews and he was waxing lyrical about how great your eyes are too! Well done for being brave and putting your message out there for everyone to see. And you deserve to feel smug 🙂 xx


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