Fighting Fatigue

Since Christmas, I’ve noticed I’m in need of more sleep, perhaps In part it’s the cold winter weather and dark mornings, however I feel I have been fighting fatigue more than ever recently. It’s not ideal given that I had a chemo break over the new year, and in theory I should be feeling more awake and energised than usual.

I long for the day when I wake up and actually feel revitalised and refreshed from catching my z’s, rather than feeling like however much I sleep I get it’s never going to be enough. At the weekend I slept for 11 and a half hours, only to wake up get washed and dressed and go back to sleep. I’d slept for nine and a half hours the previous night so I can’t blame it on a lack of sleep the night before.

Everyone always tells me to listen to my body, but right now I feel as though it’s constantly running on empty without a way to refuel? Sometimes I’m so shattered that I practically spend a whole day in bed, I worry that I’m wasting the day away, this precious time whilst I am ‘healthy’ but feel like I have no choice! It is so frustrating being chronically tired, I think it often adds to my depression and negative feelings.

I’ve learnt there is a lot of power in taking a nap, but it’s certainly not the fatigue beating cure I’m searching for. Perhaps it makes things worse? Recently I’ve been going to bed around 9pm and sleeping for as long as physically possible, by the time 4pm comes around at work I feel like a zombie, struggling to keep my eyes open, I am done for the day and in need of a sugar hit to keep me going. At the weekends naps and a must, and I wonder how on earth I manage Monday – Friday without them. I sometimes wish my office had a little room where I could go and lie down for an hour.

Often, even though I’m exhausted, I have nights where my worries keep me awake and it’s difficult to settle, which make the following day even worse. Tiredness affects me both mentally and physically, and it can be really isolating as I am always envious of others who seem to have boundless amounts of energy. I often end up postponing or cancelling plans because I simply don’t have the energy. Having spent the past four and half years on treatment I don’t think I know what being awake and refreshed feels like anymore. I thought I’d gotten used to feeling this way but perhaps not if that past few weeks are anything to go by.

I know that keeping active can really help reduce tiredness, but it can also make me more exhausted, so I feel like I can’t win. Hopefully it’ll pass as the days get longer and lighter. I’m bored of being physically, emotionally and mentally tired.

12 thoughts on “Fighting Fatigue

  1. Hi Jo. I faces the same Energy drain, and discussed this with my boss. We afreed to a pause in work after lunch and restant at 2pm. There is a Nursing room where i can rest, or go home and nap there after lunch. Just give it a try. I can handle 5 days work now.

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  2. Reading this and totally getting it, I’m exactly the same (spine and liver mets on capecitabine chemo) I feel I’ve adjusted my life as much as I can but short of sleeping my life away I’m stuck with ideas!! I long to go for a long walk or even have enough energy to go out without needing a day to recover, can’t concentrate on conversations most the time and interaction. I’m having some complimentary therapies soon so I’ll let u know if any help! 💕

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  3. Hi Jolene,
    I can relate to this fatigue. I’m a stage 1V breast cancer which is currently controlled with Letrozole. I experience fatigue regularly; some mornings I wake up feeling like I’ve run a marathon! Last year I had a course of acupuncture at the Trinity Holistic Centre at my local hospital and this helped quite a lot. Reading your blog post has made me think, I’d like another course! I’ve found also, that drinking more water I drink seems to help a bit. Big hugs to you👍🏻😊Laura

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  4. I’ve just had dose 42 last Friday and for the last dozen or so doses have felt fatigue. Luckily for me, not as bad as you seem to have, but your not alone. My Oncologist booked me to always have my dose on a Friday right from the beginning so that if any of the side effects impacted me, at least I had the weekend to try and start to recover before going back to work on Monday. Very Very Luckily ( and I know how lucky I’ve been), I’ve been relatively side-effect free, but fatigue in the afternoon does kick in now so I dont do anything in the afternoon following the dose in the Friday morning, go to bed early and then Saturday sleep and only get up late afternoon.

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    • Hi Nick, how interesting! I’ve had 41 so almost the same amount. That’s a good idea about the Fridays. Do you work full or part time? I don’t feel like it affected me some much before, but since Christmas I’ve been exhausted, although the time of year etc and being run down with a cold could well be a factor too

      Thank you for reading


  5. My husband has Melanoma with brain mets and is on dab/tram and steroids and has no energy. He constantly lays on sofa napping during the day. He has maybe one day a week when he feels a bit better. He has forgotten what it’s like to be active, which is so sad as he used to walk the dogs with me and we used to love dancing together. It’s devastating what this disease does to your body. He keeps asking the Dr’s for something to give him energy but there is never an answer 😭 as they just don’t know. We keep praying for a miracle but suppose we should be thankful he is still here. Not great quality of life but what else can we do. Hope you find something to help Jolene and if you do make sure you share it. Lots of love and strength coming your way 😘😘

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